Establishing a profit from referral systems [Guide]

Referral systems are a great source of income, many GPT websites have some sort of referral system established set up for your personal benefit. To establish a substantial income from referrals your going to want to sign up for 5-10 websites with referral systems. Focus on writing articles that convince readers to set up accounts with those website, once you have some content established you can build a blog that's similar to this one. I currently only use the referral system for two websites (Points2shop and Postloop) The reason being, is because I can focus on building quality content that will drive traffic directly to these websites. Currently I'm earning roughly $35 from the referral systems of those two websites, read my step-by-step guide on making a profit from referrals.

1. What is a referral?
A referral is a member that signed up for a website or service because of your promotion. Most companies, websites, forums, etc. offer you an incentive (Money, points, etc.) to get referrals to come and sign up with them.

2. How can I get referrals?
You can get referrals through social networks (Facebook, twitter, etc.), establishing an online blog focused on promoting what you're referring people to, designing a website with quality content for referring new members, and promote locally with Craigslist or similar services.

3. Where do I start?
First you should choose a referral system that you want to work with, to see an entire collection of great GPT websites with high payouts click here. Once you decided which system you want to stick with start working on writing quality articles that are going to make your readers want to sign up and start earning money.

4. How do I get traffic to my referral blog?
Once you've established a blog with at least 5 articles you're going to start realizing you're going to need readers. Finding people that will actually read your content is going to be difficult, as long as you have good grammar, and a determined mind, you will do just fine. You're going to need to do some research on SEO, you can comment below and I will link you to some great free resources to helping you with the basics of SEO. Once you understand SEO you should implicate social network pages for your website, make the name of these pages the title of your website, and keep maintain the same name throughout everything you do, it's the best way to rank. Alright! you've established a basic knowledge of SEO and have hopefully established them throughout all the articles of your blog as efficiently as possible. You should of also established a few social network accounts (Facebook, twitter, etc.) relating directly to your website, this will greatly help bring traffic. Your also going to want to do some local advertising, try the newspaper, Craigslist, flyers, etc. around where your living and you'll be surprised how much traffic that brings in alone.

Should I upgrade my blog?
You should only upgrade your blog once you've established an income of at least $10 a day from it, the website has to host itself at least (Hosting is only $150 a year don't worry). Once you've been seeing a profit of at least $10 a day for a week steady you can assume it's a good idea for you to upgrade to a more professional look. You'll see an increase in reader activity if you upgrade to an organized website for your blog, I'll be turning this blog into a website soon and you'll understand this concept a lot better with the interface I have in mind. I would suggest using wix, you can click that to start creating your own website.

Update often!
You can't just write a bunch of articles and post them somewhere on the internet for people to forget about them, that isn't gonna cut it. You should focus on building a archive of 20-30 articles before slowing the pace down to an article a week. Quality over quantity, don't fill your articles with a bunch of UN-useful information, just be sure to stay on topic. You can start creating other websites on subjects that you're personally interested in for additional income.

I hope this was helpful if you have any questions or concerns please comment below.


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