The top three most profitable GPT websites.

   This is going to be a some-what brief article going over the GPT websites that have been successful for me, in the past and present. I will be include a paragraph with each link telling you the exact benefits of each one, you choose which ones you sign up for. The most profitable way, and most time consuming way, to earn money online would be to sign up for all of the GPT websites listed below, however this may be hard to maintain if you're not that organized.

1. Points2shop - Overall my favorite GPT website of all time, they have a very reputable, and convincing landing page that makes it easy to earn money with referrals. The reward system is great, and the referral system is fairly generous. I'm currently making a decent income every day from the referral system on this website, I plan on using the methods I used with points2shop in promoting similar GPT websites to really put a boost to my profit. Read my guide on points2shop here.

2. Cash-crate - Another great website, they have a beautifully designed platform, and a great referral system. You can earn up to 30% of your referrals earnings with cash-crate, that makes it pretty good in my books. I'm going to write a guide on the basics of cash-crate once I get a little more motivated (like me on Facebook, follow me on twitter to motivate me).

3. Swagbucks - One of the most well known get paid to websites on the internet, Swagbucks isn't the best for surveys and offers, however the search to win program and the referral system is pretty great with swagbucks. The search toolbar could use a little work on it's appearance but it's functionality is pretty decent for establishing normal searches. If you want to make money for searching for things on the internet (which most of us already do) then swagbucks is for you. You also earn 100% of what your referrals earn (For every point someone you refers get, you also get a point) thus making this a pretty promising platform to establish an income from.

These are my personal top three picks as far as GPT websites go. All of these websites are legal and legit, I have received prizes from every single one of them. I hope you've found these links helpful in choosing which GPT website to become a member of.


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    1. Thank you, I'll be writing a guide on how you can make swagbucks be a large source of income. Eventually you'll get an entire passive income stream set up.

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