Top 20 ways to earn money online

  1.  GPT websites. 
    GPT stands for "Get Paid To", these websites are an easy way to earn money online. GPT websites pay you to complete surveys, do offers, refer your friends, play games, and much more. There is no catch, all you have to do is complete offers, follow the rules of the website, and make money. I would suggest creating an account with each one of the GPT websites in my article "
    The top three most profitable GPT websites." these are all websites that I make a decent amount of money from every month.
  2. Write content for others.  
       Writing content for others is a great way to earn some instant money online. People are always looking for other people to write articles, reviews, forum posts, comments, etc. and are willing to pay you for it. All you need is decent grammar, some-what good typing skills, and information on what you're writing about. If you don't feel like writing an article you can get paid for posting in forums, commenting on blogs, and much more.
    You can read my article on writing content for others here, this will tell you how you can get started writing for a profit.
  3. Stock photography.  
       Do you enjoy taking pictures, or do you just have a vast amount of images (that you own) and do you want to start earning money from them? You can establish a pretty good income with stock photography, all you have to do is upload your pictures. Every time someone purchases your image from the stock website you get $0.5 to $1 depending on the website that you're selling these images on.
    If you have a gallery of 1,000 images and 10 are downloaded each day, it can make for a pretty nice residual income. You can read my article on stock photography here.
  4. Design websites.  
       You don't need to be a professional coder, or designer, to design a professional looking website. There are online tools, such as Wix, that allow you to design a professional looking website in a matter of hours. I've been using Wix since I got started in earning money online, I use it to design websites for local businesses and to promote my personal portfolio. It has an extremely easy interface and a lot of helpful tutorial videos on how you can set up your own website with Wix. You can read my article on getting started as a Wix designer here.
  5. Affiliate marketing.  
       Affiliate marketing is selling a product or directing traffic to a product for a percentage of the sales. If you have a website or a blog you can add affiliate marketing pretty easily with Amazons affiliate program. Just post the item on amazon with your affiliate link on your website and every time someone purchases that item you will be given a percentage of the sale. This is a great way to earn money if you have knowledge on marketing, it's also a great way to get some experience with marketing. You can read my article on affiliate marketing here.
  6. Freelance your skills.  
       Do you have any skills that you could market on the internet, such as graphic design, writing skills, building back-links for websites, SEO, or any other skills you have that could be helpful to the internet world. Their are several websites where you can offer your skills as a freelancer my personal favorite is Elance, because it is one of the more well-known freelance websites, so naturally you will have a better chance of landing a gig their. You can read my article on freelancing your skills here.
  7. Create a blog, and profit from it.  
       Creating a blog is one of the more difficult ways to establish an income from the internet, however if done correctly it can be THE most profitable. Focus on one subject for your blog and work on writing articles, collecting pictures, and building an audience before implementing ads on your website. This can become very time consuming, however it is worth it in the end. You can read my article on starting your first blog here.
  8. Sell your stuff online.
       If you have some items laying around that you are no longer using, you can sell them online for some extra money. Websites like Ebay are great for this, you can list your items for free and when the item sells they will take a small percentage of the profit (don't worry it's not much). Once you learn how to use Ebay for selling your items online, you can start offering this service to people in your community and start selling their old items online for them for a percentage of the profit. You can read my article on selling stuff online here.
  9.  Sell Ad space on your website / blog.
       If you have an established blog or website already you can make some extra money selling Ad space on your site. If you're not that fond of ad-sense or just want to reach your readers on a more personal level, showing ads of similar websites is a good idea for you. Just like ad-sense you're going to need to have an established website before hunting for people to place ads on your website. You can read my article on selling ad space here.
  10. Make money with YouTube videos. 
       Making money with YouTube probably isn't as simple as you would think, however if you can become a popular YouTube star than their is great potential in it for you. You can make videos on relatively anything, from tutorials, to funny scripts, to music parodies and make money off of them. YouTube works similar to ad-sense, whenever someone clicks on an ad in your video you earn money from it. You can read my article on making money with YouTube here.
  11. Make money educating yourself.   
       If you don't feel like you know enough about earning money online then you can educate yourself farther, while getting paid for it. Postloop is a great website that pays you to post in forums, if you focus mainly on the forums and blogs about internet marketing you can learn a lot of extremely valuable information. You can read my article on postloop here.
  12. Market local artists products online. 
       I'm sure if you were to go down to your local market-place you can find a lot of talented artists who have no online marketing skills. Offer to market their products online for them using websites like Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon, these are great websites to sell art on. Etsy is a little bit different then Ebay and Amazon. They require you to pay a small amount to list your item online, and also take a percentage (less then amazon and eBay do) when the item sells, however Etsy has an extremely strong artistic community. You can read my article on selling local artwork online here.
  13. Create your own product to sell online.    We all have a creative side, so why not make money from it? If you enjoy making jewelry, decorations, etc. then you should start selling these products online. Artwork is a valuable part of society, but what good does it do if only the people in your local area can see it? Create an account with a website that allows you to sell your products online and start making money from your creations. You can read my article on selling your own products online here.
  14. Write reviews for local businesses.   Not that profitable of a way to earn money but it's a great way to get a lot of exposure. You can write reviews for local businesses in your area and post them online on your personal blog, or websites like Yelp. Writing reviews is a pretty good way to build traffic to your personal blog. People want to know what other people think about businesses, to know if they want to use their services. You should focus on popular restaurants and businesses to make sure you get the most possible traffic for your time. You can read my article on writing reviews here.
  15.  Make money with social networks.    You can't really make money directly with social networks, but they are great tools to increase the traffic to your blog or website, and that is how they will make you money. If you have a website or a blog, it'd be a good idea to implement social networks for them, this will increase your traffic and allow you to build a community for your site. If you don't own a website or a blog you can still create social networks and build a lot of followers, friend, and subscribers by posting helpful, funny, or informative stuff. If you have a large amount of followers on your social network website you can charge website owners to promote their site through your account, this can be a good way to earn some extra money. You can read my article on social networking here. 
  16. Amazons mechanical turk.
       This is something that anyone can do, and that not many people know about. The work is tedious and time consuming but it's a good way to kill some extra time while earning money. You probably won't make much more then a couple dollars an hour but it's a good way to make earn a little extra income. Amazon pays you to do things that their computers cannot, writing information about products and stuff like that. If you want to get started you can sign up for Mturk here. You can read my article on Amazons mechanical turk here. 
  17. Write a E-book.    If you are a talented writer, and feel inspired to sit down and write a short-story or helpful tutorial book, then writing an e-book could be profitable for you. This can take months to get going on, but if you can compose a popular book on earning money online then you can potentially make a large sum of money. You're going to need to have some basic designing skills to come up with a catchy cover for your e-book or else it probably won't have much success, you're also going to need to market it so people know it's out their. Writing an e-book isn't as simple as composing 50 pages and submitting it to kindle, it takes weeks, sometimes months to come up with a profitable e-book. You can read my article on profiting from an e-book here.
  18. Create promotional videos for others.   If you're comfortable behind a camera, then you can make pretty decent money creating promotional videos for others. You can create promotional videos for products found in commission junction and earn a percentage of the sales through your videos, this is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing except your targeting people who watch videos instead of reading articles. You can read my article on creating promotional videos for others here.
  19. Flip your websites for a profit.   If you've built a successful website to earn money with, but you no longer want to manage it, don't just let your hard work go to waste. You can sell your website for a pretty large sum of money, depending on how much traffic it's getting. Using websites like flippa you can list your website for sale, some people make thousands of dollars from selling a single website. You can read my article on flipping your websites for a profit here. 
  20. Get paid to listen to music.
       You can make money listening to music and writing reviews on these songs. This doesn't pay that well, usually about $0.05 a review, however if you are a music enthusiast this is a great way to share your opinions on upcoming musicians work and get paid for it. Using websites such as music xray, or songpeople, you can make money for your opinion on the music listed on these website. You can read my article on getting paid to listen to music here.

I hope you've found this article helpful, and that you share it with your friends. I've put a lot of time into studying and researching these subjects and would appreciate your feedback and your support by sharing my blog.


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