How to make money with stock photography.

   If you're an amateur photographer, or just a hobbyist, you probably have a lot of pictures stuffed in folders throughout your computer that are just taking up room. Why not make some extra money from them? Stock photography is a great way to get experience as a photographer while earning money doing so. Most professional photographers wouldn't bother with stock photography because of the low payout, however if you happen to be like me and take hundreds of pictures whenever you take your camera out on a photography venture then stock photography can end up being a pretty decent residual income.

1. Getting started.
   Their are a few legit websites out their for selling your stock photography at such as;
These are great websites to get started on selling stock photography with, as they all offer pretty decent rates for your pictures and are all very popular stock photography websites. You should submit your photographs to all of these three websites to make maximum profit from your photography.

2. Keep Em Comin.
   You don't want to only upload 20 pictures and then never upload anymore, you want to set yourself up so you are uploading around 30-40 pictures a week. Get yourself at a steady rate of taking and uploading high-quality stock photographs and before you know it you will be making quite a large amount of money from stock-photography alone.

3. Know your rights.
   Be sure to read all the terms of the stock photography websites before uploading your pictures, because you could be giving away the copyright if you're not careful. You should also get to know about selling extended licenses to your photographs and other beneficial ways to profit from stock photography.

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  1. I started with shutterstock then got busy writing and putting my pictures on squidoo and hubpages. I need to get back on it, cause, like you I take LOTS of pictures.

    1. That's good, you'll really start seeing a somewhat instant profit from the stock photography if you start off large. Just try and keep it at a pace of 100-200 pictures a month at least.

  2. Anonymous6.3.13

    Assuming an average download rate and an average royalty from the host, how much money could you expect to make from uploading 100-200 photos a month to a stock photo wesbite? (I'm just looking for a ball park.) Thanks!

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