How to write content for a profit.

  If you have any talent as a writer, then you can earn money by writing online for a profit. There are many free services that allow you to post articles, post in forums, comment on blogs, and establish your own blog. I will be going over the many ways you can earn money by writing online in this article. Keep in mind that writing for a profit will take time, with patience and motivation you are bound to succeed.

1. Squidoo, HubPages, Wizzley great websites for people starting out writing for a profit.
   Squidoo, HubPages, and Wizzley are all great websites to get going with if you're just getting started with writing articles online. They will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to get on the road to success as a online writer. Squidoo offers a program called rocket-squids to their new members, throughout this program they will encourage you to write a weekly article on a preselected subject, this is a good way to learn how to structure your articles when writing online. HubPages and Wizzley are both similar to Squidoo, in the sense of learning how to establish yourself as an online writer. All three of these websites allow you the possibility to earn money through the ads, and affiliate links throughout the article, this will help give you a basic idea of how you can earn money online. I would suggest starting out with Squidoo, then once you have a basic grasp of writing for a profit move on to HubPages and Wizzley, and eventually onto your own personal blog.

2. Start writing your own blog.
     Writing your own blog can become fairly profitable if you can bring in a decent audience. Getting traffic to your blog is going to be a lot more challenging then writing the content, but let's not worry about that right now. You should focus on building content before worrying if it's going to get read or not. Write 10-20 quality articles all focused on a similar subject, in my case it's making money online, but you can write about anything. Once you've built up your content, it's time to build up your audience. To make sure you're getting as many potential visitors as possible you need to make sure you're using keywords (labels), creating quality back-links (a back-link is a link to your website from another website), and Implement your website on social networks, you can read my article on writing a blog for profit for more information on building your audience.

3. Freelance your writing skills.
   Web developers and bloggers are always looking for quality articles for their sites. If you don't feel like dealing with all the SEO and hassle of managing your own blog, or website, you can freelance your skills as a writer on websites like Elance. Elance is a online service that allows you to offer your skills as a freelancer in an online portfolio, and allows you to place bids on gigs that are listed on the site. This is a great way to find clients looking for freelance writers.

4. Submit articles to your local newspaper.
   I'm not entirely sure if this is a paying gig or not, but it is a great way to get free exposure as a writer, it also looks good on your freelance portfolio if you have a few articles published in the paper.

I hope you have good luck making a profit online, if you have any questions or comments you can leave a comment below, or contact me directly by e-mail.


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