Points2shop, breaking it down in detail [guide]

   Aloha, thank you for following my blog, or if this is your first visit, please subscribe for weekly articles on how to earn money online. In this blog I will go into detail on how you can efficiently start establishing an income from points2shop, points2shop is a great way to start out with earning money online because it's an extremely easy to use program that will teach you all the basics that you need to know about how internet marketing works. Well lets get started!

1. [If you have a points2shop account skip step 1.]
If you haven't done so already, sign up for an account with points2shop, click here to do that. be sure to confirm your e-mail address and verify your address if you want to receive rewards to your house, don't worry they won't fill your mailbox full of junk.

2. [If you want to focus on referring new members instead of doing surveys you can skip this step, however I wouldn't suggest doing so.]
Start completing free offers to establish a decent rep. with points2shop, you're going to need to complete 5,000 points worth of offers to achieve gold level and start making the most of points2shop, so it doesn't hurt to get started on that. Once you've gotten 1000 points you can redeem them for a decent reward to show you how easy it is to earn money online, or you can save them for a one time higher payout if you want.

3. [This is the most profitable way to earn money with points2shop DO NOT SKIP]
The referral system with points2shop is the most profitable way to establish an actual income with points2shop. You're going to want to start with sharing points2shop with your friends and family, sharing with them the advantages that points2shop offers, this can be a little discouraging for some but don't let that get you down. Set a weekly goal for your referrals, something like 10 referrals a week would be a good place to start, once you can accomplish this you'll start to see the benefits of the referral system and will be more motivated to take it to the next level. There is a really great guide available to points2shop  members that breaks down the referral system from top to bottom, you can find this guide at points2shop official referral guide. Read step 4. to get started on developing your own personal promotional website for points2shop.

4. [This step will show you how to establish a promotional website that will bring you in a residual income]
In my first post I mentioned Wix as a great resource to get started in web designing if you are interested in that. Here Wix will come in handy for designing your referral website, which will really make an improvement on the profit you will get from points2shop. You can set up a Wix account here, once you set up an account with wix go the Create and choose a template for your website, I would suggest a HTML5 template because they are easier to use. Be sure to watch introduction videos on Wix to understand the basic operation of the system, however your creativity makes your websites limitless. I've learned how to make beautifully designed websites in 4 months of using this system, and It is extremely easy to learn. The best way to go about building a referral site is to compose something similar to this blog post except make it the focus of the entire website, show people the benefits of Wix with your own creativity. The possibilities are limitless.

5. [Be sure to follow the rules]
When using points2shop be sure to follow all rules on the website, this is the best way to be sure you get paid for the time you put into this. Be yourself, and be successful, that's the best advice I can give you for points2shop.

I hope you've found this information helpful to using points2shop, be sure to subscribe to my blog for weekly updates on earning money online. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to e-mail me directly, my contact information can be found to the right of all my posts.


  1. Anonymous12.9.12

    Points2shop is horrible now. Go with the newer sites like Epicrewardz. They pay twice as much for you completing surveys and offers. Also they will process your prize within the same day. No more waiting 3-4 days to get prizes like points2shop.

    Check it out if you're interested:


  2. Anonymous14.7.14

    pretty sure epicrewardz is a scam.

    best sites are the older ones as they have the experience such as P2S, Rewards1, Cash Crate and so on.

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