How to get started with earning money online.

   Aloha everyone, I am a local entrepreneur from Hawai'i, the purpose of this blog is to help people who are UN-employed, looking for work, or just want some extra cash. I will go through many ways that you can start legitimately earning money online. The world of "Internet marketing" is by no means instant cash, however with time and dedication you can achieve great things. You can earn money by doing practically anything online, all it takes is basic computer skills. So what are you waiting for, let's get started making money right away, below you can find information on great programs that can help you earn money.

1. GPT websites, earn through referrals and surveys. - Many of you have probably heard of "GPT" websites, (Get paid to). these are websites that allow you to earn money by referring new members and completing surveys. The most profitable way to earn money with GPT websites is with their referral systems. I'm currently making $35 a day off of the referral systems of two websites, however I plan on promoting multiple websites and increasing that amount dramatically. Here is a quick reference to the top three GPT websites.
1. Points2shop - Helping Hawaii Official Points2shop Guide!
2. Cash-crate
3. Swagbucks
I would suggest you start out with one of these GPT websites to help you understand the basics of internet marketing, while earning some extra cash.

2. Postloop - For those of you whom are discourage by GPT websites, or simply want to make the most you possibly can, posting in forums can sometimes be a profitable way to spend your free-time. You're not going to make a substantial amount from posting in forums, however this method will help increase your writing skills, and depending on the forums your posting on, will teach you some very helpful methods on internet marketing. I would strongly suggest using postloop to help increase your knowledge on internet marketing, and earn some extra cash while doing it. I'm making $5 a day by posting in forums, I haven't taken advantage of their referral system yet but I will probably see a substantial increase once I start getting referrals. You can read more about earning money with postloop in my postloop guide

3.  Create a website - Creating a personal website to blog on, sell your products on, or write information about a subject you have knowledge on. If you click on the link at the front of this paragraph it will link you to Wix, Wix is an online web design platform that is extremely easy to use. I started creating personal websites with Wix 6 months ago, now I'm professionally designing websites for small businesses all throughout the state using this platform. You're going to focus more so on learning how to operate this system by creating your own personal website structured to earn you money, or focus your website on affiliate marketing (see #4 for more information). I will be writing a more detailed guide on how you can do this shortly.

4. Affiliate marketing - Affiliate marketing is one of the most sure-fire ways of earning a residual income online. Once you learn how to create a website using Wix you can shift your focus to incorporating affiliate marketing onto your website, or re-designing a website specifically for affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you can earn up to 15% for select items that you sell through the Amazon affiliates program, this is a great way to establish an income from the internet, it also has great potential to start making you thousands of dollars a month. Currently I'm making an average of three hundred every month, mainly because I focus most of my time on my photography and web-designing.

5. Ebay - Ebay is a great way to get rid of unwanted items that you have in your life and earn some money from them. If you're not sure on how you can get started earning money with E-bay subscribe to my blog and I will be writing a step by step guide on selling items on e-bay. I've never personally done this myself, however I've heard many great reviews on this method so I will give it my word, I will also be trying this method out with some items in the shop I work at.

These are 5 great, and successful methods to earn money using your computer and operating skills of a computer. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me by e-mail, facebook, or any other social network that I'm connected to. Aloha everyone I hope you've found this information helpful in starting your career of earning money online.


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